Sunday, March 27, 2011

The ocean as inspiration...

The ocean as inspiration...

My journey in jewellery design began with the ocean.  Breathing new life into tiny treasure found along the shores of Barbados I created earrings, pendants and even picture frames out of sea glass, bits of shell, coral and pebbles. 

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Upon returning to Canada and having access to tools and supplies such as fine silver, sterling and gold, gemstones and a variety of beading supplies, designing and creating jewellery soon became my passion.  While my friends were out at the pub after work, I would be sitting in my cottage surrounded by a mess of stones, glass and wire creating my latest masterpiece.  While my friends were shopping at Holt Renfrew (which I could never afford!), I would be hording over trays of briolettes or gazing at walls of glittering gemstones that were as tempting as candy is to a child!

But the ocean - with all of it's charm, power and mystery - was never far from my thoughts.  Perhaps this is why I have recently developed somewhat of a fetish for fossil coral!

The ocean was where I found tranquility, harmony and peace.  By creating jewellery from the sea glass and shells that I found along the shores or discovering a beautiful piece of fossilized coral or shell, I am brought back to the ocean and the joy that I found there.

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- Tara, Treasure Trunk Designs

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