Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring!! Yaaayyyy!!! 'Shruti Cuff' featured in EtsyTreasury by BinhuGlass!

                                           Spring!! yaaaayyyyyy!!
'Shruti Cuff' featured in an EtsyTreasury
by BinhuGlass!

With the sun shining on the crisp winter snow and the icicles starting to drip, everyone is beginning to think about spring again. 

Longing to feel the sunshine on our backs and the grass beneath our feet - Spring Treasuries are popping up everywhere!

Check out the latest "Shruti" appearance in an Etsy Treasury by BinhuGlass at:

Binhu glass has some wicked skills and I can't wait to make my 1st Etsy sale so that I can buy some of Binhu's lampwork beauties.

These are my favourites:

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