Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trading update!!! I LOVE swapping! Yeah!

Trading update!!! I LOVE swapping! Yeah!

Update to my first post on trading (click here!). Covert operation 'scarf' is complete. Yeah!  My first official 'swap'!  I am also working on a pile of metal stamps but that is not official yet ;) AND... cherry blossom pillow cases!  I'm so very excited!!!!!  The final trade is for lessons on how to build my webpage (which is currently a disaster!)  This is so exciting!!!!  I'm all smiles, ear-to-ear! 

Now if I could only get someone to finish my thesis! hahahaha... Just kidding...

Want to see my swaps?  I can't tell you the shop names because that's private (unless they want me to tell you - but need permission!) but I figure pics are okay :)

Here they are:

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