Friday, March 11, 2011

New Vintage Glove Molds - one word... AWESOME!

one word...

Well, after two days of soaking up water from all of the rain that hit these past few days and a pile of stress over my thesis requirements (and getting distracted by my soggy basement!) I got a pleasant surprise when the doorbell rang.  It was the UPS guy!!  I LOVE getting things in the mail and deliveries are even better :)

Hmmm... now that I think of it I should have taken his picture for my blog.  He was cute too!  Ah well, next time.  lol...

So what did I get, you ask?  A massive box.  Inside the box was a large box.  Inside the large box a long pop corn box.  Surrounded by plastic bags, grocery receipts and old news print was my latest online obsession perfectly wrapped and secured.  Although I could here some slight clinking and tinkering while ripping off the layers of tape and digging through the packaging - my purchase was perfectly in tact.   Ohhh the anticipation!  My order had arrived - and in quick speed! 

Here are my new vintage porcelain glove molds.  The smaller one is 14 inches high and the larger one is 16 inches.  These glazed glove molds made by General Porcelain (now defunct) of Trenton, New Jersey and were later used to mold latex gloves.  I bought these glove molds on Etsy from RetroChalet.  Cindy - from RetroChalet - was a joy to work with and I totally recommend her.

Although my porcelain hands are much too fat for rings, I think they will make awesome display props for my chunkier necklaces and bracelets.

Aren't they fab?

Keep an eye out for my new listings - I can't wait to use them to display my jewelry!

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  1. Woo hoo!! I put the globe hand up in my display case and today - I sold a turquoise lariat! Yeah!


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