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A Penny for Your Thoughts?

A Penny for Your Thoughts?
A growing number of economists and bankers are urging the Canadian
government to give up the penny, as the U.K. gave up the farthing and,
later, the halfpenny. 

Get Them While You Still Can - Farewell To The Canadian Penny?
Old Colony Capital: 

While many might complain of the burden of a pocket full of pennies boring a hole through your pockets, I've always held a particular fondness for pennies. 

As a kid, I would love to come across a 'lucky penny' just waiting to be picked up.  Ahhhh the days when a fist full of pennies would buy their equal weight in Swedish Berries or Ju Ju Bees... A child's delight!

Sadly however, the Canadian penny or "sou noir" (black penny as our Francophone brothers and sisters say) might be going the way of the dinosaur very soon.  As the Senate calls for the abolition of the Canada's endearing 'penny' (officially called the 'One Cent Piece'), I can't say I blame them. 

According to the Bank of Canada, the penny has dropped about 95% of it's purchasing power since production began in 1908.  More over, with production costs costing 1.5 times the cost of a cent, the penny seems a little bit like an oxymoron now doesn't it?

Nevertheless, I will be sad when the time finally comes to officially say goodbye to the Canadian penny.  

"Save your Pennies!"

How many of you saved up your pennies for a rainy day?   Amassing small fortunes in great big containers?  How exciting was it then when you finally counted them up, rolled them up and purchased that rainy day item you've been longing for?   I know I did when I was a child... that is if I didn't break down for Swedish Berries first! 

How many of you have been "short a penny" and gratefully dipped into the penny pot beside every small town corner store cash register?  Or been thankful when the cashier says "don't worry about it, it's just a penny..."  Just a penny... Poor little pennies... Abandonned on sidewalks, lawns and under park benches....

These days there is not much that can be purchased with the dear Canadian pennies and where kids used to be happy for a handfull of pennies, they now want loonies, toonies and the all mighty cash!  

While my nephews may scoff at a penny or two...  I still cherish each and every one filled with Canadian history, childhood memories and the prospect of good luck!

The boys! Evan, Rilley and Blake
 For those of you that are following my blog, you may remember that I recently purchased a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV metal detector.  So far, I figure I've been doing alright.  I really want to find a horse shoe as I figure I could use all the luck I can get!  But in the meantime, each "lucky penny" that alerts my Nerd-O-Meter sounds off the prospect of good news to come!

In honour of the great Canadian penny, I have decided to use my 'lucky pennies' for a new Treasure Trunk Designs jewellery line.  Only found pennies will be used in this 'Lucky Penny' collection.  I will be posting updates of my Metal Detecting finds on the TTD Blog and TTD Facebook page detailing where and when each lucky penny was found.  Each piece will also come with a description stating the year of production of each penny used, the date and location found.

I hope you will enjoy my treasure seeking along with me by following my blog, commenting and hopefully buying your very own 'lucky penny' creation by Treasure Trunk Designs!

- Tara, Treasure Trunk Designs

Here are the finds of my two latest - and most successful - hunts:

Heron Road, Williamstown Ontario: (conditions: hard packed dirt with lots of rocks)
8 pennies (1989, 1950, 1983, 1959, 1986,1987, 1982
the rest I can't read right now - maybe with some
cleaning and a magnifying lense!),  2 nickels (1984,
1999), 2 dimes (1997, 1996), 3 loonies (1994, 1987,
1995)  1 washer, 1 button (I think?), 1 butterfly (the
wings move - maybe a pin?)Paragon Road, Summerstown:(barn area - lots of rotten wood and ... junk)
- 1 "thing" (top left corner)

Williamstown Park - the kids sand pit:(conditions: sand... )
2 pencils,  the top of a pen, 1 "Lakeport" beer bottle cap,
scrap of tin foil,  sports drink bottle seal,  1/2 pepsi can,  
1 nail,  2 screws, 1 bolt, 1 metal button bit, 1lime green
bobby pin, 1 metal tube, pop tabs, 20 pennies (dates to
come...), 1 nickel (date to come)

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