Sunday, June 5, 2011

Woo Hoo!!!! TTD's very 1st 100% organic Etsy sale! Jump Around!!!

Woo Hoo!!!!  Jump Around!!! 
TTD's very 1st 100% organic Etsy sale!

Oh my freaking GOD I just made my very first Etsy sale to a complete stranger that was NOT referred by Facebook - my VERY FIRST organic Etsy sale - I am in S-H-O-C-K! Good shock... Oh my!  I can't believe it.  Is it a mistake?  Did someone hack into my paypall account via Etsy?  Look again, nope, "Payment Received".  Woo hoo!!!  4 months of hard work, painstakingly agonizing over photos, descriptions, stressing over why it seemed only other jewellery artists ever peeked at my online Etsy shop, slowing down my new items as the weeks went down with zero sales but those referred via Facebook or word of mouth.  And today... it finally happened.   Hallelujah!  I'm so happy! :)

The purchased item by a lady in Finland...  TTD's turquoise drop earrings:

In honour of my very 1st Etsy sale - not family, not word of mouth, not referred from blog or facebook - 100% organic Etsy sale... a little music to groove to!

A little "House of Pain" Jump Around!!!!  Woo hoo!

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  1. Isn't that the best feeling? Congrats, Tara---your stuff is beautiful!

  2. Thanks Wendy! It certainly is the best feeling! :) Yeah! (and thank you for the compliment!)


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