Monday, March 7, 2011

Another custom ring on the way - SUGILITE!

Another custom ring on the way -

Well, after much hunting I was finally able to find the perfect cab for my next custom made ring.  The price fits the budget and the lucky lady is very happy.  Phew!  That was tough! 

Of course, this was not a cab that I had in stock. So I've had to order it off the internet (there are not to many places around home to buy from!)  Usually I try to buy local but this time my cabs are coming from Florida.  I hope they are as pretty in person as they are in the pictures! 

My client is having a ring made with the top left cab.  They are purple Sugilite cabochons.  The top row is a size 14mm length  x 10mm width while the bottom row is slightly smaller at 12mm length x 10mm width.  You can get an idea of the size by looking at the pictures below. 

Sugilite is known as a "love" stone that helps to encourage positive thinking and let go of negative energy.  Perhaps I should make one for myself - couldn't we all use a bit more love and positive energy in our lives?

These sugilite cabs come from South Africa originally and I can't wait to see them in person!  They are the perfect size for rings OR earrings.  If you would like your own sugilite ring, please contact me and I can make one just for you!

Update! 3rd stone from the left (top AND bottom) reserved!
Let me know if you woul like to reserve one of the other 4 cabs -
I think they would make great earrings!

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