Saturday, March 5, 2011

My 1st Etsy Sale! Yeah!

My 1st Etsy Sale! Yeah!

Well, it finally happened.  Woo hoo!  I had my first Etsy sale - yeah!  Actually, I woke up to TWO Etsy sales this morning.  Amidst the grogginess of having stayed up WAY too late (working on the details for a turquoise ring with one of my favourite clients), I stumbled down the stairs and put on the coffee while the computer started up.  Then, woo hoo!  Good news from PayPal - I need to upgrade my account to "Business"!  I didn't know that... Then, you have a sale transaction.  A sale?  Yeah! I was sooooo very excited!  Still groggy, but SO excited! 

So, who was my 1st client?  My lovely second cousin Juanita.  Thanks Juanita!  I'm all the more happy because my first sale is to part of my family - so I'll never forget it.  :) 

My 2nd sale was kind of a cheat.  The order was already placed last week but my client had not picked it up yet, and she agreed to make an online sale (at the same price) to help me build my online reputation.  Such a sweetie! 

So now, I have 2 online sales and I'm hoping that helps to build my Etsy status.  When you have an online store, your reputation is of MASSIVE importance.  Therefore, I've been trying to focus my TTD efforts on building up my Facebook and improving my photographs.  I like the online business.  I get to work from home and - through the internet aspect - I can combine the skills I've gained in social media, writing and marketing.  Each step is a learning curve and it's all very exciting. 

Other news, I've been asked to make another spoon keychain.  It seems the footballs are popular!  I have to admit, they are kinda cute.  Even though I'm a hockey fan myself!  This keychain also has my first somewhat 'naughty' stamp.  It's just a nickname, but at first glance I blushed amidst the giggling!  I won't share what it says just in case the lucky man happens to come across my blog.  But I will say, it's very cute. 

Okay, back to my work!  Thank you emails, registering for a business account, and destroying my nuckles while I file down a spoon into the shape of a football.  I need a nap... 

- Tara, Treasure Trunk Designs

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