Saturday, February 19, 2011

Treasure Trunk Designs - Where it all started!

* Inspired by nature & made with love *
- Handcrafted, unique jewelry by Tara MacDonald 


Hello and welcome to my blog!  Treasure Trunk Designs was inspired by the beauty of the ocean, the sun, the sand and the salty sea air of the Caribbean ocean. 

It all started while I was volunteering for a children's garden project while doing research for my Master's thesis.  Without any money, I spent a lot of time walkng around while enjoying my beautiful surroundings.  My favourite place to wander, think and relax was the beach!  The warm Caribbean waters and soft white sands squishing through your toes was one of the best feelings yet.

Among my wanderings, I started to notice little sparkling bits of glass that had been washed up by the waves.  I couldn't help but stop and scoop it up!  Admiring it's beauty, I started to pick up more and more. Gleaming in the sand, colourful, soft to the touch - these little treasures captured my imagination.  It wasn't long before I tried my hand at wrapping the glass.  However, with very little mondy and even less available in supplies, I had to rely on electrical wire that I bought from a local heating/cooling company.  That's right - my first pendants were wrapped in copper coated electrical wire that eventually turned green from all of the salty air!

Since then, Treasure Trunk Desings has had many trials and errors.  I still love to try new things and will continue to do my best to provide quality jewelry with a unique, thoughtful and stylish flair. 

I hope that you enjoy my blog and look forward to your comments.


Tara MacDonald, Treasure Trunk Designs

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