Saturday, February 19, 2011

Johnson's Antique Shop - Expedition Trip!

Johnson's Antique Shop - Expedition Trip!

One cold weekend in February, I was in desperate need of a study break.  So off I went on a mini-vacation to Johnson's Antique Shop.  Okay, okay it's just Cornwall.  But these days, even a trip to nearby Cornwall is an adventure!

I have been thinking of making a coat rack with antique spoons attached as hooks to the frame for my mother's cafe which is loaded with antiques and country charm.  She serves up some mean soups and home-made deserts.  If you've not been already, you'll have to visit her at "Ye Olde Bridge Cafe" in downtown Williamstown.  I've set up a display cabinet in the cafe for my jewelry fans too.  I'll post another note soon with pictures for you to see!

I found the spoons... hmmm... so many to choose from!

Then I started thinking... what jewelry-making trouble can I get into now???

Have a look for yourself!

- Tara, Treasure Trunk Designs



Update: April 24, 2011 - the latest addition to my spoon handle jewelry - can anyone identify this silver plate pattern?  I've been hunting for hours trying to figure it out A1 Silver Plate, Canada.  Thank you!!!!

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