Saturday, February 19, 2011

What's on my work bench?

What's on my work bench?
- February 2011 -

I often get asked what I've been working on and so, to satisfy the curiosity of a few inquiring minds (you know who you are!) I've decided to add a new note and some pictures from my work bench.

These days, I'm limited to a 2 meter square work station so these are taken from my kitchen table.


Tara, Treasure Trunk Designs

Delicious amethyst chip "Shruti" style cuff with matching amethyst nuggets wrapped in sterling silver on a sterling french hook. I had to include my super large and totally tacky mug from NYC which I just love :)

Turquoise coloured magnesite on double stranded nylon coated steal wire with copper spacer beads and hammered copper S-shaped accents. How should I make the back of this necklace? Leather? Wrapped copper hand-made chain? What do you think?

These spoons are frustrating the heck out of me. I *wanted* to use them as back plates for huge chunks of sea glass set in fine silver bezel - alas, the silver plate refuses to co-operate. As a fellow jewelry artist told me, "Trying to solder silver plate is like trying to fill up a cuss jar!" I have to agree...

My sea glass - setting the glass in silver bezel was a bit challenging as none of the glass is uniform in shape or thickness. This makes things very tricky! Thankfully, I love my sea glass so the finished product made me very happy!

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