Thursday, August 11, 2011

Facebook Down?


Well, this morning I woke up to a big scare that wasted about 1 hour of fiddling...  what was it?  Facebook is DOWN! At least for me, and not only that but I got a few strange 'postings' by friends saying "Ewwwww" and "tell us how you really feel!" I was worried someone had hacked into my account and posted nasty things!  Naturally, because I couldn't log in, I couldn't see what they were commenting on. 

Oh my goodness, and there began the hour's wasted time.  Turns out they were replying to a status update I wrote about the university overhauling their online library services, which I must say are not only disturbing colours of organge and yellow that are... to say the least, visually disturbing but also prevented me from getting online access to the catalogue. 

Now, why would this cause such a reaction?  As you might have noticed my blog posts over the past month have been slow and minimal.  This is because I'm in the final hour of my Master's thesis.  With only 3 weeks to go, I'm at my computer 24/7 working like a mad woman to get it finished.  This thesis is years in the making and the culmination of a life long dream.  Any delay, muck up or extra hassle sends me into a dizzy of stress and potential panic! 

Well, now that it's been determined that the FB problem is widespread and no one has hacked into my account, I'll be back to my research.

As for the new U of O library services, hopefully that will be straightened out soon too!  Regarding the colour choice... well that's just bad form!  Couldn't they have made it green for "GO" instead of yellow and orange (the usual colours for "WARNING!")? 

Ah well, on with the day!

Tara, Treasure Trunk Designs

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